Trading Commodities

ًWe trade in a diverse range of commodities


Established in 2015, we have been dedicated to adopting the latest and most efficient trading techniques.

We have an extensive local and international network of suppliers, buyers, producers, and logistics providers.

At ATEN ENERGY, we provide marketing, trading, and logistics services to support the exporting and importing activities of our suppliers.

ATEN ENERGY trades in a wide variety of commodities such as LNG, LPG, Bitumen, Urea, Fuel Gas, Naphtha, and many others.

We use a data-driven approach with the most current market data and algorithms for optimal pricing of tender offers.

Our Major Products

Petroleum Products commodities

BULK Commodities

If you are looking for a trading commodities company that’s superb at what they do, There’s no one else to contact other than Aten Energy.