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A leading national engineering solution

Diversified group offering engineering products, Solutions & services to suit client's specific requirements with unique value proposition

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Awal First Industrial Company

Awal is a diversified group offering engineering products, solutions & services to suit client's specific requirements with a unique value proposition

Within 25 years, al-awal expanded into a diversified engineering Group with bright aspirations for the future

Core sectors: a leading national engineering solution Provider, specializing in telecom, ICT and power & utilities

Company's Overview


First Industrial Company


First Telecom Contracting


First Telecom Industries

Awal Vision 2030

Al-Awal is embracinh the saudi vision 2030, and its strategy is well-aligned with its objectives:

Economy Diversification: Invest in saudi industries target export opportunities

Local contents defence 50% Oil & Gas 75%: Saudi made products & services serve defence, oils, and gas

Digitzation E-Gov: Praticipate in broadband, FTTX services, ISP, OSP, Wireless (Integrated&Turnkey) deliver network solutions & services IT managed serivces

Foreign Direct Investment: Build startegic partnerships & alliances with foreign OEMs leverage local capabilities to serve OEMs


Life inside AWAL

Joining our team would be a great opportunity for you to develop your skills and knowledge in the field. Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing quality results while fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and growth.

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